# Spacings

We're going to call spacings the space we give to all elements of our header, body, and footer.

In CSS, these are call padding and margin.

# Padding

When you give padding to an element, say heading-1, you are pushing the space inside of this element.

First, let's look at padding from style perspective

Subtitle of the Course

<div><h3>Subtitle of the Course</h3></div>

Subtitle of the Course

<div><h3 style="padding: 20px;">Subtitle of the Course</h3></div>

# Padding in Bootstrap

Subtitle of the Course

<div><h3 class="p-3">Subtitle of the Course</h3></div>

# Margin

When you give margin to an element, like a paragraph or a ul, you are pushing the space outside of this element.